O I L  P A I N T

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Now listen here, Nicky, it's your birthday today
so hang up your apron, put the pizza dough away.
Just close the shop or get the kids to step in,
this day is for you and it won't be a sin,
to put your feet up and rest a while,
as you open your presents in a leisurely style.

Then maybe you'd like to take luncheon somewhere,
at a very swish place with mouthwatering fayre.
A succulent rump steak or some goujons of lamb,
the choice is all yours but don't pick pizza with ham.

And Anna wil be there to accompany you,
we're sure she will get the odd beer or two,
for her birthday hubby, help lubricate your day,
then drive you straight home after letting you pay.

We trust you will take our sound advice,
take the whole day off, for you, won't that be nice?
To spend your day with no pizzas to make,
the only flour you go near is in your birthday cake.